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Emma SOSA was born among flowers.

At a young age she naturally joined "Le Jardin de Matisse", created in 1998 by her mother, Anne Vitchen. 

With this inherited passion and enriched by her own experience, Emma took the reins of Jardin de Matisse in 2016, which she reestablishes today under the name MADEMOISELLE EMMA.

The most prestigious customers find in this always innovative floral workshop a showcase of Emma's knowledge and experience.

MADEMOISELLE EMMA creates individualized and handcrafted designs, made to measure for each project.

Fashion and jewelry houses, luxury hotels, event agencies and other exceptional institutions all place their trust in her.

MADEMOISELLE EMMA has a lively staff, motivated by the passion for flowers and their arrangement.

Creative, sophisticated, and reactive, the only aspiration at MADEMOISELLE EMMA is to stir the emotions, arousing enchantment through its unique designs. 

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